July 2, 2009

To Band or Not To Band... And If So, What Band? Arg.

So, the time is ticking away... and very soon we are going to have to get my wedding band ordered with the jeweler (if I am getting one)! Yikes! I have NO IDEA what I want to do yet. Here are two pictures of my ring sans wedding band...

(Yes, that last one is on a stuffed doggie toy named Frog... It's all I could find to show the sides/gallery)

I have been wedded (pardon the pun) to the idea of a simple band that matches the sides of my engagement ring (that I can wear alone as well), but a straight band will not sit flush to the ring because the center stone and prongs extend beyond the band. Knowing that, I am sure they will turn and irritate me, and I am not sure that I like how they look together. Here's a (not perfect) picture of my ring with a straight band.

I have toyed with the idea of a contoured band, but haven't really found anything that I love. I did a little research today and found two sets that might work, and would still maintain the antique-y, carved look of my engagement ring.

Contoured #1

Contoured #2

I have even thought I would be happiest without a wedding band, because if I don't like anything with it, why spend the money?!

What do you guys think?

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