July 6, 2009

Too Kitchy or the Cutest Idea Ever?

When I was about thirteen, I decided the first (and only) blanket I would crochet would be completely rainbow colored. I look back now and think, there is no way I will EVER use this ugly, primary-colored blanket.

What does this have to do with today's post? I think I am attracted to odd styles, and sometimes... well, they just aren't that great in the end. So, I have a little doubt when I see things and my first instinct is: "That is so cool!" There's a good chance that anything that says that might not be that cool...

So, what do you think? Cowboy hats for guests? Too much? Would anyone wear them anyway with their hair all done? It's a funny alternative for fans, and block the sun pretty well. Plus, they could make for some awesome photos.


  1. Argh! I just posted a comment that got deleted on accident. Anyway my comment was that I think it depends on what you want the overall "feel" and style of the wedding to be. Cowboy hats will give it a more ranch-y feel.

  2. I saw this earlier today and thought of you! I'm sure several people would wear them. Many of them in your family. ;)