July 22, 2009

It Takes A Village... and The Cake

We are so lucky to have so many family and friends chipping in to pull off our backyard affair... I don't think we could do it without them! From the backyard itself, to the DJ/emcee, officiant, decor, and bartender... This list goes on and on!!

Not only are we fortunate to have so much support, it is so amazing to see all the personal touches each of these contributions add to our Big Day! It just wouldn't be the same, or "us", if we fit the wedding industry mold!

One thing that we recently got squared away is our delicious cakes. My lovely and amazing cook Aunt offered to make the cake, and even though I have never been a cake person (I know, shame on me... but you can count on me doubling-up on the ice cream...), I loved the flavors that she put together for us! I suggested lemon, to go with the country, summer evening... and she ran with the idea. We will have vanilla cake with lemon curd layers and a lightly lemon-flavored icing! Yum!

Here's the original inspiration...

Things evolve, and our cake is no exception. Here's a sneak peek at my Aunt's version (which draws details from my dress... so cool!)

Add a few ivory roses, and there you go!

Instead of precarioiusly stacking layer upon layer, we decided to set cakes up on varying layers of pedestals. Plus, each pedestal is a glass vase, that we are going to fill with lemons (and any leftover roses). It's going to be so spectacular!

Sort of like this, only with cakes instead of candles...

Finally, I found a cake topper I couldn't resist! I mean, the bride has strawberry-blonde hair. And the groom is so helpful. It's totally US!

Don't you just love it when things start to come together? :)

July 20, 2009

Dying in Suspense of the Tablecloth Decision? I Will Save You!

You may recall an earlier fretting over what fabric we should use as tablecloths (more like squares to jazz up the white tablecloths), the worry over blue versus green, and my lamenting the loss of green as a wedding color.

Well, the decision, made by an interesting combination of timing, stress, the original one I chose being out of stock, and sheer frustration, actually has turned out to be a really solid choice that I am so happy with!

We went with a blue paisley that looks even better in person! It matches the bridesmaid dresses (and guys' ties) PERFECTLY! Plus, it incorporates a darker blue that will match the groom's navy suit quite well.

(excuse the iPhone picture... it's not the best representation of the colors in person...)

What happened to the green? Well, it has officially become an "accent" color ;) The favors are green, and oh so adorable...

Plus, the centerpieces will be made up of green produce, and I am hoping to add green ribbon and other green accents in other details as I come upon them (bouquets, the grass and general landscaping).

I always knew blue would be a dominant color, at least in the attire, because it's practically the only color the groom ever wears. But I will still squeeze some avocado in there wherever I can!

July 17, 2009

If I Could Do It All Over Again...

"It" (i.e., the wedding) hasn't even happened yet, but if I went back in time and had seen this dress many moons ago... things might have been done differently! I still love my dress, but this one is gorgeous!

July 16, 2009

A Little Laughter for Your Thursday

I may be lacking in inspired, profound blog entries lately, but at least I still share cool and funny things I see online! :)

This literally made me laugh out loud. So adorable!

July 15, 2009

Coolest Photo Booth Ever... If Only I Had Time & Crafty Skills...

This is just so awesome, I loved it from first glance! You have to check out all the fab photos at this link.

Here is just a sample... :)

July 6, 2009

Too Kitchy or the Cutest Idea Ever?

When I was about thirteen, I decided the first (and only) blanket I would crochet would be completely rainbow colored. I look back now and think, there is no way I will EVER use this ugly, primary-colored blanket.

What does this have to do with today's post? I think I am attracted to odd styles, and sometimes... well, they just aren't that great in the end. So, I have a little doubt when I see things and my first instinct is: "That is so cool!" There's a good chance that anything that says that might not be that cool...

So, what do you think? Cowboy hats for guests? Too much? Would anyone wear them anyway with their hair all done? It's a funny alternative for fans, and block the sun pretty well. Plus, they could make for some awesome photos.

July 2, 2009

To Band or Not To Band... And If So, What Band? Arg.

So, the time is ticking away... and very soon we are going to have to get my wedding band ordered with the jeweler (if I am getting one)! Yikes! I have NO IDEA what I want to do yet. Here are two pictures of my ring sans wedding band...

(Yes, that last one is on a stuffed doggie toy named Frog... It's all I could find to show the sides/gallery)

I have been wedded (pardon the pun) to the idea of a simple band that matches the sides of my engagement ring (that I can wear alone as well), but a straight band will not sit flush to the ring because the center stone and prongs extend beyond the band. Knowing that, I am sure they will turn and irritate me, and I am not sure that I like how they look together. Here's a (not perfect) picture of my ring with a straight band.

I have toyed with the idea of a contoured band, but haven't really found anything that I love. I did a little research today and found two sets that might work, and would still maintain the antique-y, carved look of my engagement ring.

Contoured #1

Contoured #2

I have even thought I would be happiest without a wedding band, because if I don't like anything with it, why spend the money?!

What do you guys think?

Bride Share... Who Knew?

What a fabulous idea this is! You can arrange to share the cost of expensive things you want at your wedding with other brides that also want to use them! Boy do I wish I knew about this a few months ago...

Broke-Ass Bride's Bride Share