May 21, 2009

Sometimes the Devil is in the Details

I get the feeling my mom is ready to wave the white flag, move on with her life, and hire someone else to work with me. This is mostly because for about two months we have been trying to decide what we should have for tablecloths.

I think the trouble is that I came into this wedding with a vision; a vision of paisley and patterns in avocado green and slate blue; of vegetable and garden details. My maid of honor was quoted as requesting a Sound of Music style bridesmaid dress, and I actually loved the idea! Well, after months of looking for bridesmaid dresses, and the strikingly few that come in slate blue or avocado green, we ended up with more of a cornflower color. I love the blue, and it will look fabulous on the maids with their lovely blue eyes.

The other thing that was pre-decided was that hubby-to-be will be wearing a tailored navy blue suit, and his guys will be wearing navy slacks, and a matching shirt and tie. After the maid dresses were picked and ordered, we went shopping for the tie. I found a fabulous polka dotted tie that matched both the navy and the dresses perfectly!

Trouble is, this evolution (polka dots, cornflower) is not sitting well with my original patterns/avocado/slate/vegetable plan! We bought this gorgeous green paisley fabric (in the middle below), which I love, but now I am having second thoughts about having green at all! I mean, I am just not sure it fits into the motif! Should there be green in the tablecloths at all? Should I scrap the original green altogether and go with another color? Should I do the green and the blue in another pattern , or a darker blue version of the same pattern? Should I do all green, and forget about doing blue? Triple sigh...

I myself have almost waved the white flag in surrender, abandoning any hope of a cohesive "theme"... does anyone have an idea??

I am loving the far right fabric, the color is closest to the cornflower. The green in the middle is the green paisley I love. Far left is the dark blue version of the green paisley pattern; not a perfect match for the girls dresses, but not bad either.

Here is the girls' dress color...

And the guys' shirt, tie and navy blazer...

HELP! Does anyone have an idea or opinion what would make for good table coverings (any or none of the above?)


  1. Are you married to any particular flowers for the maids? If not, you could do a variation of greens for their bouquets (like hydrengas, etc. with varying textures)-thus tying the greens to the girls while having your green paisley patterns for the tables with white flowers, and cornflower blue ribbons around the base tying it all together. The groomsmens boutineers could also have greens & whites with blue ribbon...
    Just a thought. BTW I am Jen Howell's little sister. I loved your photos, and love your blog. Hang in there, it will work itself through!

  2. Seriously??? You are making ME want to waive the white flag for you! Go with the green, dammit. In all honesty, it doesn't matter if you have blue for the clothing or polka dots for the tie. Unless Pat lays down on the tables (which I am assuming he won't), no one will likely notice that the tablecloths are paisley and Pat's tie is dots. You can still totally bring in the green color palette through the tablecloths, flowers/veggies, and other things. Plus, your invites already have the green/blue combo which looked nice. Hope that helps bring a little sanity to your decision. ;) Haha.