October 27, 2009

Looking Cute & Keeping Warm...

As our first Winter Storm Warning arrives in Denver, I was browsing several favorite retailers for fashionable and warm things. Girly is in and scarves are all the rage... Looks like I might be in luck!

Maybe not work appropriate, but I would probably live in this otherwise...

A slouchy colorful beanie keeps the head warm, but maybe messes with the 'do a little less than other hats.

A scarf with colors that go with practically everything (not like scarves have to match or anything...)

Plush eggplant gloves + ruffles = awesome!

Tights can add pizzazz, and warmth, but are softer and less restricting than hose!

Bring it, storm!


  1. Love the hat and am going to add it to my list of projects. Want me to make one for you like that?