May 5, 2009

Bye Bye Berkeley. I'll miss you! Well, not really.


I know a lot of people that love Berkeley, but I am just not one of those people. I am super excited about moving! To justify my less-than-enthusiastic opinion, I have provided a list of the five things I know I will miss about Berkeley, and ten that I definitely will not miss.

Things I Will Miss About Berkeley

  1. The Weather

  2. Living within walking distance to Anthropologie

  3. The Dog, and Dog-Friendly, Parks

  4. Puppy Play Dates

  5. Running into my fabulous friends at school

Things I Most Definitely Will Not Miss About Berkeley

  1. The Crazies - They are everywhere

  2. The Potholes - My car totally needed new alignment after living here two days

  3. Crappy Apartments & Crappy Slumlords - Not to mention the ridiculous rent prices

  4. The 51 - Anyone who has experienced it knows what I am talking about

  5. Playing Paperboy everytime I try to drive somewhere

  6. Cash-only restaurants - Seriously?

  7. The grocery stores - So stressful!

  8. Bad customer service - Ok, my bar is kind of high on this one, but I can't think of good customer service I have had here.

  9. Parking - I really don't know how many parking tickets I have received while living here, but I am sure I spent a small fortune paying for them.

  10. The overpriced, and really not that good, restaurants - So many people think Berkeley has great restaurants, but I have only found one restaurant that I actually care about (La Mediterranee, and from what I can tell, they started in San Francisco), and a few that are so-so.

Anyway, it was worth experiencing, and maybe some day I hope to look back at my time here with nostalgia.

*I admit, I am not moving to Colorado right away, but it's the eventual destination... the light at the end of the tunnel...

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