May 8, 2009

Chalk It Up

At a friend's housewarming party recently, my fiance and I had the joy of creating entertaining photographs for the housewarmers. We had so much fun doing it, and when I got the Picasa album of the photos, it was great to look through all the pictures of their close friends and family, and their hilarious messages and expressions. Ours was no exception; the funny thing is I had no idea what the hubby-to-be had on his board in that photo!

Photobooths have become really popular, and other people are including them in their wedding. And, I can totally see our guests creating lasting memories for us, that really capture their personalities.

But here's the issue: I have only seen it done by professional photographers (fancy camera, remote control, professional background, etc).

I really want to do one of these at our wedding reception; I can totally see it with chalk boards! But I don't have any room in my budget to add more photographer fees. We are maxed out on that front! Do I have to hire someone to set it up? Can I do it myself? I am convinced there must be a way to do it on my own, but I need ideas! Inspiration! And most of all, encouragement that it is possible! Anyone have suggestions?

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