May 3, 2009

It's in Writing!

I LOVE getting packages in the mail, but the package I got earlier this week was particularly exciting. I got my wedding invitations! I didn't expect to be so... overwhelmed... when I received them. It was a moment that made me feel like it was all for real, a lot like the day(s) I was saying "holy crap, I just bought a wedding dress!" It was a no-turning-back-now kind of moment, but in such an awesome way!

But the most exciting thing about the invitations is that I love them and think they really capture our country, informal wedding perfectly! I had to talk the future-hubby into the doily monogram, but now that we went with it, we are totally into it! And hopefully will figure out other ways to incorporate it elsewhere. Plus, we did postcard response cards to save on paper and postage, and they turned out so cute!

Mostly, I feel so lucky to have found the most accomodating, yet affordable, invitation designer, Emily Ley Paper, who was referred to me by a friend, but who also has a shop on Etsy. Emily kicked major butt in the customer service and responsiveness department, and when my first round of proofs had some flaws, she bent over backwards to fix the issues. I love the design, colors, and fonts, and how simple her style is.

It's official!!


  1. Yay!! Love how they turned out. Can't wait to see them in person. :)

  2. Christie, you are TOO sweet! I had such a great time working with you on your invitations. You're a joy and I know your wedding is going to be gorgeous!

    Thanks a bunch for the post!!